Summer Trial Promotion

Do a trial at Providence House to see if Assisted Living is right for you!  Move in for 1 to 3 months and get 1 week free each month!  (Must move in before Sept 1st and stay for a minimum of 30 days).


Call Janice for details at 617-731-0505


We currently have a lovely 1-bedroom apartment, a female companion apartment, (private bedroom with a shared kitchenette and bathroom), and a private studio in memory care.

– For more information call Janice at 617-731-0505


Spring Presentations

When You Step Inside Providence House You’ll Discover:


• Beautiful rental apartments
• Fine dining with three meals
• Intellectually stimulating
• Individualized


Managed by Welch Senior Living, Providence House offers
Independent Living and Traditional Assisted Living, as well as a
secure, safe environment for those needing memory care.

Seating is Limited. Reserve Your Seats Today.
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Tips for Staying Healthy During Flu Season

By: Jeanette Boudreu, Activity Director

Flu season is upon us and this year it is predicted that Massachusetts will see more flu outbreaks than last year. While we all know that the Flu shot is the most effective way to avoid contracting this year’s strain, there are other precautions you can take to help stop the spread of germs.

First and foremost, avoid close contact especially with those who are already sick and in turn if you are feeling ill, avoid close contact with others.

Stay home if you are sick. For residents here at Providence House, that means keeping to your apartment and avoiding common areas such as the dining room and activity spaces.

Always cover your mouth and nose with either a tissue or your inner elbow when coughing or sneezing. Not covering your nose and mouth is the fastest way to spread germs.

Wash your hands! Wash your hands! Wash your hands! Whether it be soap and water or hand sanitizer which is available throughout the building here at PH, please be sure to wash your hands. Germs are everywhere on every surface you touch and good handwashing practices are essential in staving off the flu.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread easily when a person touches a contaminated surface and then touches their face.

Lastly, practice good health habits such as cleaning and disinfecting common areas in your home like counter tops and doorknobs, the telephone, and bathroom, especially when someone is sick. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, stay physically active, well-nourished and hydrated.

Ringing In the New Year and Beating Winter Blues at Providence House

By: Jeanette Boudreau, Activity Director
It’s hard to believe that the New Year has come but here we are in 2017! It’s winter. The days are shorter, darker and colder and sometimes, that can make getting out of bed in the morning difficult. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is prevalent among seniors who are particularly vulnerable to the “Winter Blues”. Symptoms include tiredness, fatigue, and feelings of sadness. However, staying active and socially engaged greatly lowers your risk of developing SAD and is an important part of staving off the doldrums of winter. Here at Providence House, the activity team has been hard at work creating a calendar of events that is sure to keep residents active throughout the season.
For those residents who enjoy exercise we offer daily classes which include Yoga, Thai Chi, Zumba, & weight training.
For those folks who enjoy continued education we have weekly lectures, biographies and Ed X classes with a variety of subjects like Jazz, Ancient Egyptian history, the golden age of radio, and monarchs & presidents, to name a few.
For residents with more musical taste we have weekly performances from classical pianists, harpists, jazz trios, cabaret, opera & folk singers.
We offer art and jewelry making classes for those who enjoy working with their hands.
Monthly theme socials celebrating holidays like Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s day are perfect for the socializer as well as weekly cocktail hours where we serve beer, wine, hors d’oeuvres and even themed cocktails!
For those who enjoy being a part of smaller social circles we offer a weekly book club, Bridge club, and men’s group.
Outings around town are a resident favorite as well and this season we will be offering dozens of trips from grocery shopping to the ballet, from the museum of fine arts to the symphony and even a day trip to the casino!
With so many choices of activity every day, we encourage our residents to stay as active and engaged as possible throughout winter. Whether it be a walk around the courtyard or an afternoon on the town, staying active and social during the winter months is imperative to good health. If you would like to visit Providence House please contact Janice Skelly, Marketing Director for more information.


By Linda Wolfson, LICSW

The Holiday Season is here; and so is Winter.   A theme we’ve heard from families and loved ones of our residents over the years is how comforting it is to know that their Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Friend is safe and sound for the Winter.   No shoveling, no concerns over groceries or medications.   Our residents finally have the luxury of being able to just sit and watch the snow fall without having to worry.   Their loved ones know that they will be safe and taken care of no matter what the weather brings.   In the infamous Winter of 2015 our wonderful staff saw to it that our residents got what they needed every day.   To do this many of them stayed here, sometimes for several days at a time, to provide personal care, medications, meals and activities. Our Building Services staff made sure that our paths were clear and that emergency vehicles could get in if needed.   We do what it takes to keep our residents safe and we always have.

And in the midst of concerns about weather and Winter woes are the Holidays. Some of our residents go out with their families or friends to celebrate the Holidays.   For those who don’t, we provide the celebrations.   Thanksgiving Dinner is prepared lovingly by our wonderful staff, as is Christmas Dinner as well. New Year’s Eve is celebrated earlier in the day to accommodate those who go to bed early.

This year I heard an anecdote after Thanksgiving that brought great satisfaction.   Two women who moved in to Providence House within the last six months were invited to join the family of a third recent resident.   They had not known one another before coming here but have become fast friends.   The two women decided that they would prefer to stay “home” for the Holiday.   They enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal, watched football and never had to leave the building. They loved it.   So do we!   Knowing that we have created a warm, homey environment validates all of our efforts on our residents’ behalf.

While everyone is hustling to get all their Holiday chores done, our residents are enjoying daily Holiday-related activities, beautiful Holiday decorations, trips to the Enchanted Village and the security of knowing that they are safe and cared for. For the staff at Providence House, our residents’ contentment is our goal and our gift.   Happy Holidays to all from all of us!


by Linda Wolfson, LICSW, Co-Director of Resident Services

Providence House has always had a very vibrant Activities Department – musical performances, lectures, games, exercise, discussions, trips, parties and more. All of us, particularly the elderly, benefit greatly from activity, social contact, and stimulation.

I have been a part of the Providence House team for ten years now.   Recently I witnessed one of the most poignant, joyful and inspiring moments in that time. It was our good fortune to be approached by a young ballroom dancer who has developed a wonderful program for elderly people.   Michael gathered our residents seated in a big circle.  He demonstrated each dance – the waltz, the jitterbug, the foxtrot – and then put on music and danced with each resident. Faces lit up and toes started tappin’.   Even those in wheelchairs held his hands and were swayed back and forth to the music.   As each resident sat down, everyone applauded.

Watching this was so moving.  All of our residents were young once, knew the dances, got dressed up and went out dancing. The music, and this young man’s skillful attention, brought it all back. Our elders have led full lives, sang and danced and laughed. Activities at Providence House honor the fullness of our residents’ lives and their interests.   This particular activity seemed to strike the just the right chord for all.   And whether our memories of youthful dancing were of the waltz or the jitterbug or the “twist”, we were all transported to a joyful place. Shall we dance? Yes we shall!


By Linda Wolfson, LICSW, Co-Director of Resident Servicesasian_program_mother_daughter

From the time we were small children, Labor Day has always been the marker of the end of Summer, the beginning of Fall, Back-to-School; for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.   Though the temperatures may still be high in September, the long days of summer start to gradually grow shorter.   In a city like Boston, the energy of all the college students returning and the children returning to their daily school routines is palpable.   It’s a bittersweet time for many, but particularly for the elderly.

Their lives are no longer defined by the markers of a lifetime.   Their routine won’t change after Labor Day.   But as their caregivers, and as family members, there are things we can do to alleviate that sense of distance from the rhythms of life.   Keep your loved one up-to-date on the lives of your children and grandchildren. Bring them “first day at school” pictures; tell them anecdotes about the preparations and reactions the kids had.   Tell them how it felt to see the little ones walk into Kindergarten, or Middle School, or High School, or even settle into a college dorm for the first time.   In other words, help them still feel “in the loop” and part of the cycles of the year.

At Providence House, we try to incorporate well-loved seasonal activities to contribute to that sense of harmony.   We’ll be taking our residents apple-picking and doing other activities that are in tune with the time of year.   We all know that there will come a time when each of us may feel that sense of being apart from the cycles that have always defined our lives.   We know that our residents spent many years getting themselves, and then their children and grandchildren ready for the next challenge.   We want to honor those achievements, big and small, as part of our everyday goal of providing a stimulating and supportive environment.