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Beth Levy

Providence House is my home. It seems like I just arrived, yet it’s been 3 years and I don’t know where the time went. I enjoy joining the other residents and getting involved in activities. We particularly enjoy the socialization of the cocktail hour! I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

June 14, 2017

Cynthia Abramson

I’ve lived here at Providence House for over 6 wonderful years. Initially, I have to admit, that I didn’t want to move, but I am so glad I did. I have made new friends and have a very active life participating in a variety of activities. Twice each month I lead the Shabbat service which I thoroughly enjoy!

June 14, 2017

Marie Maillet

I start every morning looking over the calendar of activities so I can decide what I want to do and how to plan my day. There are so many choices and such a variety of activities! Whether it is the nurses, the dining staff, or the aides, the entire staff is friendly and supportive. My daughter did a lot of research to help me find the right Assisted Living Community. When we came to visit Providence House, we were so impressed. I knew instantly that this was the best choice and I have never been happier.

June 14, 2017

Ethel Mauder

Coming to Providence House was the best decision I have made in my entire life. My family says I have never been happier or healthier. Before the move, I felt isolated. As soon as I arrived I felt so comfortable; everyone is so friendly. The Activities Director, the Facilities Director, the nurses, and everyone who works here possesses a true and authentic compassion for those who live here. They all have a great passion for their work.

June 14, 2017

Ellen Grant

“Ellen is kind, respectful and very dependable. Her manner with residents is commendable.”

“There are others equally competent and kind but Ellen is consistently excellent!”

“Ellen has an infectious smile. She is very kind to residents who I find to be disrespectful. She is patient with explanations when necessary. Ellen is very attractive and always splendidly groomed.”

“She is kind and helpful with her fellow servers.”

“I believe it is time that Ellen be recognized for her service at Providence House.”

“Ellen has the most infectious laugh I have ever heard- she really stands out!”45

“Ellen is a great staff who is loved by all, both residents and staff. Ellen has over and over met the criteria to be nominated for EOQ. Ellen stands out because she fulfills our mission statement; treats others with respect, dignity and compassion!”

Employee of the Quarter 4.1.16-6.30.16
July 21, 2016

As a professional with years of experience working on behalf of elders, I can whole-heartedly say that the Beechwood Unit at Providence House has consistently demonstrated its ability to provide a caring and supportive environment for residents with a variety of strengths and needs. The residents are always engaged in activities, both on and off the unit, whether it is current events in the Beechwood activity room, a concert in the main ALF social hall with other PH residents, or in the Swan Boats in Boston.  The Director is dedicated, enthusiastic, and treats each of her residents like her grandfather (whom she adores). The staff is kind, consistent, and thoughtful. The unit itself is cheery, comfortable and homelike. I have worked with many memory care units over the decades, and Beechwood is the one of the best in the Boston area!


Attorney Elizabeth Baum, PC

Beechwood is the one of the best in the Boston area
July 15, 2016

We feel very lucky that my mom lives in the memory care unit at Providence House. Amy Crosby, the Director, is nurturing, competent and patient. She is dedicated to ensuring the resident's needs are met with a high quality of care. The staff  treats my mom with respect and kindness.  One of the most amazing programs at Beechwood are the field trips and daily activities. It is truly impressive how often they go out and where they go. They have been to  museums, restaurants, picnics and the Big Apple circus just to name a few. They are planning a trip to the ballet. The trips are in addition to the daily activities such as arts and crafts, exercise, in-house events and celebrations.  The structured day helps my mom  stay happy and active. We are thankful my mom is part of the Providence House/Beechwood family.

Mom is so lucky to have the Beechwood Program
July 7, 2016

I’m writing to let you know about the outstanding service that Scott Graham, Maintenance Supervisor, has provided to my mother.  Sometime within the past few weeks, my mother began experiencing difficulties with her television – having trouble getting it to turn on and off on a consistent basis.  When she had trouble, she would often call Scott and ask for his assistance, which he readily and patiently offered.  However, when he too had trouble getting her television to turn on, he began to troubleshoot the problem and called Comcast directly.  It eventually became apparent that she would need a new television set.  However, in the meantime, she would be without a TV until we could replace her broken TV.


Instead of her going without a TV, which she depends on for nightly entertainment, Scott took it upon himself to connect an old TV that was at Providence House to bide her over until we got a new one for her.  When I visited her, I found that he had not only wired the temporary TV for her, but he had also painstakingly written a clear and thorough set of instructions so that she could figure out which buttons to push on which device to get the channels, volume, etc. to work.


She was delighted that he was able to get her set up to continue to watch TV, and as a family member walking into her room and finding that someone had been so kind to her was truly appreciated.  Our family has had a long relationship with Providence House, and we already know what to expect when it comes to high quality services.  However, in my opinion, Scott Graham’s help to my mother went above and beyond what anyone would expect in a busy assisted living facility.


So, in conclusion, I want to thank you and all the staff at Providence House for taking such good care of my mother, but in particular, want to bring to your attention the extraordinary work of Mr. Graham.

Thanks for the help, Scott!
June 7, 2016

Congratulations to our most recent Employee of the Quarter, Jenn Pernock!
Here is what was said:
“Jenn is the most patient, respectful, caring and loving individual. She builds self-esteem. If it takes 25 attempts at Wii bowling she repeats directions with kindness and caring. She makes family members feel relieved that their relatives are in good hands.”
“She gives her time. She clearly cares for deep in her heart.”
“Jenn is very pleasant and understanding.”
“Jenn likes her job. I can tell she enjoys what she is doing. We are lucky to have her at Providence House!”

Among Ourselves: What the Staff and Residents are Saying About Us!
May 5, 2016

Providence House has always honored our wonderful and hardworking staff with recognition of Employee of the Quarter.

The winner this quarter goes to...

Carol Ferrari- Dining Room Server

"C: Caring

A: Attentive

R: Respectful

O: Outstanding

L: Loyal"

"Carol is simply the best! Respectful to everyone, staff, residents and management."

"Carol is very accomidating and is so pleasant!"

Congratulations, Carol- you are a wonderful person- much desevered!

Among Ourselves: What Staff and Residents are Saying About the Providence House Team
January 28, 2016

"Dear Providence House Staff,


As we enter into the holiday season and think of the many things we are thankful for, Providence House is on the top of our list. At the very first meeting with Louise Rachin. We knew we had found a very special place. Louise put us at ease and seemed to know all of the things we were worried about. Our stress level immediately started to decrease.

We then had the pleasure of meeting Linda and Pam. Both Linda and Pam have worked so hard to make our mom feel welcomed, comfortable and so special. Together they have provided a wonderful support system for our mom.

The kitchen staff is fabulous. We hear about all of the delicious meals and how the breakfast staff knows exactly what our mom prefers each day. A few of us have joined our mom for meals and can attest to the wonderful selection of great food.

We are also very appreciative of the RA’s. They have been so helpful with everything from medications to TV remotes!

And last but by no means least; we need to do a special shout out to Scott. Not only have he helped our mom with everything from furniture to clocks, he has kept her laughing and on her toes with his very sharp wit.

Thank you for everything you do. Please know that we all sleep more soundly knowing our mom is in such wonderful care.”

Our best,

A Grateful Family

Staff Appreciation
November 13, 2015

Dear Mr. Rolfson,

Last spring, I and my staff at The Move Maven, had the pleasure of helping Ann Kennedy move from her condo to Providence House. I just came back from visiting with her today, and wanted to let you know that she couldn't stop talking about how happy she is in her new home. Ann said she feels relaxed and safe in a way that she had never experienced before. She commented on how much the staff seem to enjoy their jobs, their colleagues, and their working environment, and especially raved about how warm and caring Laura and Louise are. I just thought you would like to hear this incredibly positive feedback.


Karen Zweig
The Move Maven
Brookline, MA

The Move Maven
October 29, 2015

We want to thank you for the fantastic two weeks, October 20-November 1 at Providence House. We have never had such a great experience. Our living space was beautiful and comfortable. Your staff took great care of us. We enjoyed all of your events; Octoberfest, Halloween, movies, piano, music and so much more! It was an added bonus to spend quality time with our friend who also lives at Providence House, we took walks and sat in the gazebo. We are doing all right with lots of help coming to the house but realize we will need a change in the near future. Thank you for all you did. Many thanks to Roald Rolfson, and the beautiful flowers. It has been three weeks and the flowers are doing great! So many people to thank!

-Margaret and Harry Sinanian

Respite Stay
November 20, 2014

Well Margo is somewhat settled into her new home. However there's nothing like Providence House and the special attention she got there.

I am truly, forever grateful for everything that the entire Providence House team did to bring my sister, Margo into the PH family. From the early meetings and the warp-speed admissions process to her day-to-day life. Honestly, the timing of her move was so critical and I just can't imagine where she might have wound up and where she would be mentally if it was not for the PH team.

The number of facilities that have specific units and care for Alzheimer's patients is limited, so I knew it was going to be a challenge to find a facility with an open spot. When I started my search, I became quickly discouraged by some admissions directors at different facilities. Many didn't even return my phone calls. I was surprised at how many directors were negative about my ability to find "a bed," for my sister and ended the phone call with, "I'll put you on the list." Not one followed up with any information.

Then I called Providence House and reached Louise Rachin who talked me down from the ledge and while there weren't any available rooms at Providence House at the time, she recommended a couple of facilities that I should visit. Within a couple of days I received a lovely, hand written letter from Louise with additional information on Providence House and wishing me luck through this difficult time. Over the course of two months I visited a few facilities, but Providence House and their Beechwood unit that is specific for Alzheimer's was a standout. The fact that the most of care giving staff at Beechwood had been there for many years, and some from the time the unit opened, demonstrated to me that if the staff has been there a long time, then they must be treated well and that would likely translate to how my sister would be treated. While Providence House is a beautiful facility, that didn't matter to me as much as what I had observed within the unit.

By amazing luck, at the end of the month a unit came available for Margo at Providence House. Then the race was on to get all of the paperwork done within days because my sister had to move out of her apartment and it was -- the end of the month. Laura Ciommo and Louise jumped through hoops and helped me get all of the paperwork submitted and the "i"s dotted to have Margo enter the program. Within a week of the call, my sister had a new home. I believe this was the quickest processing time they had facilitated. I couldn't have gotten this done on my own.

At just 69 years-old, my sister had a particularly hard time adjusting to the fact that she wasn't in her own apartment any more. Amy Crosby not only jumped through hoops, but also worked magic bonding with Margo and affectionately became known to Margo as, "Blondie." She kept my sister's sense of humor and sense of who she was as an individual alive. Amy became Margo's sister, and I was happy to call her my sister.

One of the things that I didn't realize was that the staff at Beechwood was going to become my sister's new family and part of my extended family. I had no idea how important the role of EVERY person that helped take care of my sister would become. Margo was seeing the same faces every day, rather than a constant rotating staff as I had witnessed at other facilities. I visited often and never on a schedule, so what I was seeing was real. I never thought my sister would let anyone help her with certain, but critical aspects of her daily routine that she was no longer cognizant of the need, or even willing to do with assistance while in her apartment. This move had an immediate and positive impact on my sister's life and a huge impact for the caregivers in our family. Within a very short period of time we all knew we could sleep knowing that Margo was getting the best care and keeping active. Everyone at Beechwood holds a special place in my heart for their patience, love and care.

Okay -- my tears are flowing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


November 4, 2014

I was looking for a place to spend the rest of my life.   I came here for a two week trial stay and after the first week I knew Providence House was exactly what I was looking for… I didn’t have to look anywhere else…the food is great,  the staff is wonderful and I love my new neighbors!

October 21, 2013


Aunt Flo’s first few hours at Providence House could not have been better!  When I was leaving her last night at 9:00, she said it was “like a whole new life.” She had no idea what to expect—her only experience has been in a rehab/nursing home situation when she was recovering from serious hospitalizations, so she was not picturing a real life of her own.  Of course, I knew what to expect from Providence House—I just wasn’t sure how she’d respond.  You were all so helpful and welcoming without being overwhelming—she was touched and appreciative (and so am I, of course).

The women she met at dinner her first night were also welcoming and friendly.  Many of them came right up to her, introduced themselves, said she is going to love it, etc.  It was clear from looking around the other tables that everyone was lively and friendly and enjoying the meal and one another.  It was the perfect introduction to a new community.

October 21, 2013